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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Meetings all day..

I've got meetings all day, so you'll just have to play games until tomorrow.
Bleach Eating freaks

Wednesday, September 29, 2004


I think I will file this one under bad ideas.
Redi-Records - We love you long time.

More fun online games, and with a tag line like that, how can you resist? - We love you long time.

Posture-Correcting Egg Chair at Hammacher Schlemmer

Okay, a lot of people that I work with are sitting on large inflatable balls, which is odd enough...but this...
Posture-Correcting Egg Chair at Hammacher Schlemmer

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Titanium breast implants

Wind powered walking machines

You know, I can't really say much about this, because I totally don't get it. Watch the videos anyway...
we make money not art

802.16 News

75Mbps, 30 miles range, and they have begun testing in Europe already. This is the technology I have been waiting for. It operates in the 11Ghz range, so you don't need line of site, and it is unaffected (mostly) by weather and walls.

802.16 News

Neave Games ...Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Tetris, Asteroids and more

Back to the time wasters theme, if you are into the classics, this site is for you!
Neave Games ...Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Tetris, Asteroids and more

Venturi Fetish

245 horespower, 0 -60 in 4.3 seconds 0 mpg. Yep, you guessed it, electric.
Venturi Fetish

The Linux Game Tome

Now all you gamers can step up to a real OS
The Linux Game Tome

Solid Wood & Corian(r) PC Peripherals

The site is a little weak, and possibly buggy, but yes, you can now own a wooden computer.
Solid Wood & Corian(r) PC Peripherals

Monday, September 27, 2004

Animation Flash - Battle of the Icon's (Icon's story)

Born design :: Slimmy Chair

Definitely in the realm of bizarre, but for some reason, I find my self wanting one. The text says that when folded, it is less than an inch thick, pretty cool.
born design :: Slimmy Chair

I just found this very funny for some reason...

I love nerds...

Monday Morning News

  • Yahoo! News - Senate's Cellular Stand

  • Speeding ticket for fastest guy on a motorcycle!

  • This isn't news, but kind of funny and a little sad, but this is what happens when you don't keep track of your posts! (not that I seem to have that problem..)

  • Hackers using Google to get into your copiers!
  • Bose makes speakers for iPod

    Now, to be fair, I don't actually own an iPod. But if I did, it, and this would be my new home stereo.

    iPod, Meet Bose

    Friday, September 24, 2004


    (((FRIDAY FUNNY)))

    Alrighty, I was waiting for something really good for the Friday funny, and I think this is it. It may help to explain why Russia is no longer a super power.

    BBC NEWS | Europe | Toxic metal poisons Russia troops

    And if you have some time on your hands, this is a very funny video, but it takes a long time to load.

    Umbilical Brothers

    Microsoft: To secure IE, upgrade to XP | CNET

    M$ has decided that the latest version of IE will be for XP only. And if it is half as good as SP-2, I think I will just stick with Win2000.

    Microsoft: To secure IE, upgrade to XP | CNET

    Article: Rats' brain waves could find trapped people�| New Scientist

    Rats have an amazing sense of smell, are small enough to get into piles of rubble to find people, and the general public doesn't mind if we turn them into robotic monsters. It's win win!

    Article: Rats' brain waves could find trapped people�| New Scientist

    Office Pranks

    A small collection of very, very motivated office pranks

    [ Portugal No Seu Melhor ]

    Thursday, September 23, 2004

    News of the morning

  • First, a review of microtek's new DVD player

  • "Microtek's new Handheld DVD Player forgoes the usual clamshell design of most portable DVD players to instead embed a 3.5-inch LCD screen right in the face plate (I guess it still opens like a clam, you know what I meant; not a folder). It addition to a fold-out stand for upright viewing, it also can output to a television via the supplied AV cables.

    According to the website, it has a battery life of 21 cubed hours times 2, which if I'm calculating correctly is over eighteen thousand hours, so that means it's either using a D battery filled with the blood of saints, or my browser isn't rendering something correctly."
    - Gizmodo

  • Second, an Oprah update

  • Oprah

  • And lastly, well, I guess we have to try something, but I sure could personally make better use of the money…

  • "Researchers Study Real Viruses to Thwart Virtual

    U.S. university researchers will soon begin a $13 million study of the spread of Internet viruses using methods pioneered in tracking the outbreak of human epidemics, researchers said on Wednesday.

    The goal is to create a computer network so robust that it can fend off the Internet attacks as they happen, much as the body's immune system reacts to infection, scientists said.

    Carl Landwehr, a program director at the National Science Foundation, which is distributing the grants, said the funds are aimed at identifying Internet worms and viruses quicker and building global defenses.

    To do this, researchers will aim to develop a better understanding the relationships between humans, computers, and cyberattacks, he said."

    Wednesday, September 22, 2004

    Kia Fuel Cell SUV

    It gets 180 miles to the tank, and a top speed of 93mph. I think it would be ideal for the commute to work, or to go get some groceries.

    Greg Downing's Omni-directional Panoramas of the World

    First 2-megapixel cameraphone for the UK

    2004 Home Computer ((((FAKE))))

    Okay, so I fell for it. I'll admit it. I could just delete the post, and pretend that nothing happened, but I won't. I will own my humiliation, and compound it with this post. (1115586) Photoshop this mock-up of a submarine's maneuvering Room.

    BBspot - Which OS Are You?

    The ultimate personality quiz. I got Palm OS, which are you?

    BBspot - Which OS Are You?

    Tuesday, September 21, 2004

    Google builds a browser

    2004 Home Computer

    Not much more to say, although I would like to know exactly when and where this is from..

    2004 Computer

    ( (( ((( Spectropolis 2004 ))) )) ) Projects

    You can check this out live Oct. 1-3 in New York
    ( (( ((( Spectropolis 2004 ))) )) ) Projects

    Researchers invent antenna for light

    This is pretty cool. Scientists at Boston College have created an antenna that attracts light the way a radio antenna attracts RF. The story touts the possibility of 'light tv', but I am thinking more along the lines of solar power applications. - Researchers invent antenna for light - Sep 17, 2004

    Monday, September 20, 2004

    Flash Game: Punk-o-matic (PunkOMatic)

    One of the running jokes with my musician friends is that it doesn't take any musical talent to play in a punk band. Well, now its true!

    Flash Game: Punk-o-matic (PunkOMatic)

    How to pick up and carry your iMac G5

    I really am more of a lover than a hater, but if this is the level of instruction that your average Mac user needs...well, let me be clear that I use a pc.

    How to pick up and carry your iMac G5

    Human dolly

    In the catagory of things that are simple, and work. I offer this.

    Shoulder Dolly


    Here is a little Monday moring news for you Mac users. iStumbler is a free open-source utility that helps you find Wifi networks.


    Thursday, September 16, 2004

    Pain is funny

    I am off for the weekend, so I will do the Friday funny on Thursday this week. Enjoy!

    Pain is funny

    Map of springfield

    For all of you Simpson's fans I offer a map of springfield!

    r a t t s f r e a k s h o w

    I really can't say more than the title.

    r a t t s f r e a k s h o w


    Doesn't look like this is available yet, but when it is, all ya'all with an SDIO slot, are about to be upgrade to a 1.3 Mpx camera!
    PR products pictures

    AWOL - Not the one you think

    For only $2595 you can now inhale your alcohol instead of drinking it. The website lists a alot of benefits, but patrons in New York who gotto try it first, were no so impressesd. Seems like it would burn you nose hairs...

    Fluffy Optical Mouse

    Give me a break
    Fluffy Optical Mouse

    Drink Spike Detector Kit

    A very good idea, but can you image the liability on something like this?

    Drink Spike Detector Kit

    Nokia 7280

    Would someone please tell me how to dial?

    Nokia - Nokia 7280 - Phone Models - Phones


    Now, I actually found out about this about a year ago, but I hadn't started a blog yet. Now that I have a blog, I have been scooped. Oh well, they are still pretty cool, and come in 128Mb and 256Mb versions.

    Motion Flip Alram Clock

    Call me a retro geek if you must, but I think this think is pretty damn cool. So, how is 145,000 Won in US? Oh, and yes, I did spell the title right...go to the link, you will see
    Motion Flip Alram Clock

    Wednesday, September 15, 2004

    Siemens SF65

    Yeah, its a big pic, but it is a bitchin looking phone!
    SlashPhone :: Phones : Siemens : Latest Swivel Type Phone from Siemens SF65

    Pria Diagnostics

    Male fertility home test. Now all we need is real male birth control.

    Pria Diagnostics


    Make your own flash film! Requires no skill, and only a little imagination.


    Concealable weapons photo gallery

    From BoingBoing, a concealable weapons gallery, with photos and xrays. Very cool, and a little scary. Link is to any online PDF.

    Boing Boing

    Behold! A flashlight that works!

    A flashlight that runs on any kind of batteries? Could it be?


    International� 7300 CXT

    Usually I don't like to jump on the bandwagon, but everyone is covering this one, so I guess I'd better. Especially with reviews like:

    "the CXT runs on the blood of baby harp seals and even then only gets 15 feet to the gallon"

    "the new CXT truck is "not just Muppets silly, it's like 'I can't believe he killed the whole human race,'" kind of silly. The new 21.5-foot truck weighs seven tons and gets about 6 to 10 miles to the gallon."

    International� 7300 CXT

    Auto Express

    So here is the genius. Hack a Siemens cell phone, and attach it to your rear view mirror. The phone uses its camera function to monitor your driving, and sends you an alert if you are driving poorly.

    Auto Express

    SanDisk to supply Samsung with miniSD

    CNET announces that SanDisk will be making miniSD. This means more pics on your camera phone, and who knows, maybe MP3 players standard on all phones!

    SanDisk to supply Samsung with miniSD | CNET

    Tuesday, September 14, 2004

    Tunes through flowers

    Biodegradable laptops

    This one is from engadget. NEC annouces a biodegradable laptop. The plastics are made from corn. Pretty cool!

    Biodegradable Laptop

    Project Old-School Bluetooth

    A cool little project for you do-it-yourselfers. Make a standard phone receiver into your bluetooth device.
    Project Old-School Bluetooth

    eBeam | Interactive

    This looks like a cool little device that allows you to turn any flat surface into a touch screen interface. I would imagine that it has a lot of caveats, but still looks pretty neat.

    eBeam | Interactive

    Mozilla Firefox

    Keep your eye on this page! Firefox 1.0 is due out 9/15/04, and represents a great milestone for opensource. You can read about it at CNet.

    Mozilla Products

    Worm speaks to Windows users | CNET

    For you lonely folks out there, the Turks are sending you a friends...sort of

    Worm speaks to Windows users | CNET

    Monday, September 13, 2004

    Internet News Article |

    Tell me the economy is is good shape...
    Internet News Article |

    ASCII cows and other art (Funny)

    Again, we are back to the theme of wasting time. Or maybe not, this could be a form of high art. It is certainly difficult to do.

    ASCII cows and other art (Funny)

    :: Pixelgirl Presents Icons and Desktop Images ::

    This is a great site for incredible desktop images, and big ones too. The best part is that it is not one of those damn pop-up filled crappy sites. See it for your self
    :: Pixelgirl Presents Icons and Desktop Images ::

    Friday, September 10, 2004

    AkibaLive: Engine Announces Plans to Sell Virtual Keyboard

    Rolling Coaster

    Here it is, the coaster of your dreams. It looks like a pretty funny joke, but I would imagine that it doesn't work as well as advertised.
    Rolling Coaster

    Thursday, September 09, 2004

    Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-M1

    Facade Computer

    They don't have a lot of options yet, but the idea is cool. Sort of a take on the mini-itk crowd, they put new computers in old shells. They will also throw a computer into a case you provide, if it meets the space requirements.

    Facade Computer - Affordable, Stylish Retro Computers

    Make ye maps while ye may

    Engadget reports that the Senate is trying to pass a bill that will remove access to satellite imagery from the public. I guess we are all terrorist suspects now. The link provides info on how to make your own map, providing of course that you have the equipment

    GPS Maps

    Rocket Man

    What can I say, the guy strapped a rocket to his back, jumped in airplane, jumped out, and flew around. Check out the video.

    the flying man