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Monday, January 31, 2005

I just thought this was clever...

Worst Weatherman

A really bad, a probably last, day at work.

Worst Weatherman

From the rink, to the ring have to see the before and after pictures...

Tonya Harding

How did that company get its name?

A very good article on the naming of some of the top Japanese companies in the world.

Global Warming Mug

Nothing like a little world destruction to get you started in the morning..
Global Warming Mug

Monday Morning News

  • By my count, this is the last of the AT&T businesses..cable went to Comcast...cellular went to Cingular and now this. 120 years of domination is coming to an end.
    SBC to acquire AT&T for $16 billion | CNET
  • The $100 computer. Designed to help erase economic barriers, the computer includes a monitor.
    $100 Computer
  • Windows has been forced to offer a version of its OS without the media player in Europe. It will be re-naming the OS to "Windows XP Reduced Media Edition" - catchy huh?
    New Windows Version
  • "To bring its new online Yellow Pages to life, sent trucks outfitted with digital cameras to capture images of 20 million businesses. But in its preview stage, many of the pictures in the digital business directory aren't accurate...The Rockefeller Center Ice Skating Rink is a bus driving down the street."
    a9 errors
  • Friday, January 28, 2005

    (((FRIDAY FUNNY)))

    Funny little collection on flickr of classified ads

    DarrenS' Amusing Classified Ads slideshow on Flickr



    For all of you iPod owners out there. This is a piece of software that strips off the DRM, allowing you to use the music you purchased as you see fit. Seems like a cool guy with a good concept.

    JHymn Info and Help

    Advertising Space Available ON MY PREGNANT BELLY ! !

    Starbucks New Ad Campaign

    Kinda of funny...

    Rent my Forehead

    Look what $37,375.00 can get you...I would have purchase an Audi personally...

    Rent My Forhead

    Political Bent

    The questions are pretty biased towards a more liberal point of view, but it is still an interesting exercise.
    Political Compass

    Visual Thesaurus

    A very cool idea, with a great user interface. Much easier to user for those 'creative' types. You can also click on any of the words, and follow them down for synonyms and antonyms.

    Quattro Alarm Clock

    Gizmodo put it so well, I am just going to leave it to them:

    "As the next in Near Near Future's 'Strangely Familiar' series of gadgets, this Quattro prototype alarm is a solid translucent block that has no visible buttons or markings. As the Quattro is rotated, its function changes—on the side it's a radio, tilted up it's an alarm, and horizontally it's a clock, each indicated by a contextual change in the display on the front. It gets better: the Quattro recognizes when you get close and lights up touch-sensitive buttons. Then it gets even betterer: a wirelessly connected teddy bear triggers the alarm's snooze function when you give it a hug. I want this future very badly."

    Thursday, January 27, 2005

    Google Search: dead

    You just have to see it for your self. Check out the sponsored links
    Google Search: dead

    I thought this was clearer that it is. The sponsored Google ads are 'intelligent' ads. Which means that they in some way relate to the search string that you have entered. Now go back and look again at the sponsored ads...see anything there that should not relate to the word dead?


    Fellow blogspotter, with a fun idea...mail a 4x6" postcard in with your secret (or someone else's) and it will be posted for all.

    Hyper Pop

    This is a cool little Firefox extention. It allows you highlight all occurrences of a word or phrase on a page. Try it out...

    Thought Project

    A very interesting concept. People were stopped on the street, and asked what they were thinking at that exact moment. Their photo was taken, and the thought recorded. It is a cool snapshot of human reality
    Thought Project

    via coolhunting

    Speakeasy gets Foxy

    I don't know if they are the first, but hopefully they won't be the last. Speakeasy, a DSL ISP, is now bundling Firefox with their service.

    Wednesday, January 26, 2005


    Very cool little piece of technology. The only bad part is that to find out more info, you have to set up a login and password...kind of a pain just to look at a product someone is trying to sell.

    via Popagadget

    Find a Human

    A small database with keys to getting quickly to an actual human when you dial up an 800 number
    "American Express - Hit zero, pound, three times over (ignore prompts that it's an invalid entry)"

    find-a-human - by Type

    Microsoft: Legit Windows or no updates

    This is some very odd logic. First, the requirement is only going to be in three countries. Second, if you are found to have an illegitimate copy of Windows, they will offer you the real thing at a discount. You will now be rewarded for priating. Not sure why I am complaining though...

    Microsoft: Legit Windows or no updates | CNET

    Tuesday, January 25, 2005

    Bad Marketing Campaign

    This was just so odd, I decided to throw it up.

    High Concepts - Functional Art

    Did You Know?

    The name says it all...

    Did You Know?

    Escher's "Relativity" in LEGO

    Wow...just wow....
    Escher's "Relativity" in LEGO

    Google Video

    Not sure if this is up and running for real yet, but looks promising.

    Happy Valentines day

    For that BDSM couple who has everything...

    Google snaps up top Firefox programmer

    Looks like Google knows a good thing when they see it.
    Google snaps up top Firefox programmer | CNET

    Monday, January 24, 2005

    Error Generator

    Universal Charger

    The concept seems a little doubtful to me, but what do I know. The theory is that you place the device that you want charged on the pad, and it charges it. Any device, and any number of devices. Would be pretty sweet if it works, but I would want happens if you lean up against it...

    found_objects: Nevada shoe tree

    I will let you look for yourself...
    found_objects: Nevada shoe tree

    Monday Morning News

  • Firefox continues gains against IE | CNET
  • RIM faces lawsuit..turns and runs for Canada
    In suit, RIM pleads Canadian
  • Not really news, but a good site anyway
  • Makeup Lesson

    Apparently, the most popular form of cometic surgery in Japan is still eye surgery. This is the less painfull option apparently. Be aware, this is disturbing...

    Magic Pad

    I would like to know how washing it makes it stickier...

    Friday, January 21, 2005

    scroll pan is a rolling frying pan - designboom

    Tweel Update

    Happy post-inauguration!

    Zulu Watch

    This is the coolest watch I have ever seen. Too bad it costs so much...

    (((FRIDAY FUNNY)))

  • $2 at Taco Bell
  • bunnie suicides
  • Not funny, but an amazing set of pictures
  • Collection of odd cat pics
  • tricky little game
  • Another game..this one is sillier
    flying Gonzo
  • last one...
    You know you're from...when...
  • Wednesday, January 19, 2005 - News - Girl Gets Cabbage Patch Doll With Obscene Message


    Goto Mappoint. Set the country to Norway, enter first City as Haugesund and the second city as Trondheim. Press "Get Directions"

    Via Bifurcated


    This is really cool, I had it reading me posts for my site. You could have it read your latest RSS feeds to you...

    Picasso for Sale

    You gotta love Costco, something for everyone..
    I am pretty sure there is a lithograph for sale as well, but I could not find it.

    Tuesday, January 18, 2005


    Some of the most odd comics I have ever seen. They will most likely be offensive to most.
    You have been warned.


    After knee surgery, why not an autopsy?


    Freeware that allows you to back up your system to what ever you wish. The reason I am posting this is because one of the options if FTP, which I am fond of...

    USB 10-Key Mouse

    This is actually a pretty brilliant idea, and cut down on the clutter in your laptop bag.

    Monday, January 17, 2005


    This is just kinda odd, but explains a lot about Mac users... ;P

    Monday Morning News

  • Don't mess with Mother Nature
    Tsunami moves North Pole, shortens daytime
  • The M$ flaw that isn't
    Microsoft: No flaw in Media Player | CNET
  • Sounds like a Star Wars reference, but apparently may have to do with Google becoming an ISP...
    Google wants 'dark fiber'
  • Still doesn't beat my Tb at
    Company offers 10GB of Net storage, for free
  • YES!!
    Comcast expected to raise broadband speeds
  • Friday, January 14, 2005

    we make money not art: Olson, the independent camera

    Autonomus camera..very cool idea if the price is right. It will even respond to sound (like laughter) and spin around to capture the moment.
    we make money not art: Olson, the independent camera

    (((FRIDAY FUNNY)))

    I'll do a couple here to make up for being lame lately.

  • Fast Fingers
  • Sand Art
  • Disney Pr0n
  • Bildergalerie - Mac mini/Mac mini Mainboard

    Thursday, January 13, 2005

    Auto Enthusiasts Reved-up for New Mac Mini


    Put your brand ne mini-mac (which measures 2" x 6.5") into your DIN slot in your car. Suddenly your car is much, much cooler. It even has a slot to play your cd's.

    PRESS RELEASE: Auto Enthusiasts Reved-up for New Mac Mini - Classic Restorations First to Offer Custom Mac Mini Auto Installations

    via gizmodo

    BetaNews | Gmail Bug Exposes E-mails to Hackers

    The comments are the best part of this article. And by the way, Google has already fixed the problem.
    BetaNews | Gmail Bug Exposes E-mails to Hackers - Longhorn May Blend Tablet PC, Media Center

    Maybe I am just a sucker for hype, but I am actually kind of excited about this release. It sounds like they are going to be rolling a lot of options into one package which will either solve a lot of problems, or create a lot of problems. We shall see... - Longhorn May Blend Tablet PC, Media Center

    Wednesday, January 12, 2005

    Watch Report | Review of the nTren MP3 Watch

    This is officially going on my birthday list. Read the description, it has a lot of really well thought out features.

    Watch Report | Review of the nTren MP3 Watch

    BBC NEWS | Health | 'Torture' to uncover brain secret

    "Volunteers are to undergo torture to see if faith eases pain."
    Damn, that is some moxie!
    BBC NEWS | Health | 'Torture' to uncover brain secret


    I am not too sure what the purpose of this site is, but it is still kind of cool to check out. The basics of it is, you input a website, and it renders it into this living room. You will need shockwave to run it.
    Just an FYI, it did just about kill my P4 2.4 trying to change the views...

    Vlieger & Vandam

    So, the theory is, that if your purse is bulging with a .357, nobody will mess with you. So now you can buy a purse or bag with the outline in the bag itself...
    Vlieger & Vandam


    There is always another level to is important to remember that. I posted last week on wooden peripherals; here we have stone(ish). It's Corian actually, but you get the idea.

    21-yo breaks into T-Mobile for a year, gets caught

    I can't top Engadget on this scoop, so I won't
    "What would you do if you had unfettered access to T-Mobile’s networks for a year? Snoop on Snoop? Peep on Paris’s pictures? Screen Catherine Zeta-Jones’s email? Or perhaps you’d like to take it to the next level and monitor Secret Service communications? (We’re not even going to ask why T-Mo is handling Secret Service communications.) But of any or all of the above, we’d suggest that it’s probably not the best idea to brag about your mad ‘sploit and start leaking SS docs on IRC rooms. So props to 21-year old Nicolas Jacobsen for proving his ultimate 1337ness, and then for subsequently getting real, real busted. Is it just us, or do all all these hacker stories seem to unfurl the exact same way?"
    Hacker penetrates T-Mobile systems

    via Engadget

    Tuesday, January 11, 2005


    I will let you read for yourself...

    McAfee automates Google hacking | CNET

    It is always nice when a security company reaches out, and gives a helping hand to hackers.
    McAfee automates Google hacking | CNET | New plastic can better convert solar energy

    This is the kind of news that helps me get up in the morning. The sun is always there, and tapping its energy does no harm. I look at other 'eco-friendly' energy types, like geo-thermal, and I have to wonder how great of an idea it is to suck the heat out of the core of the earth. 30% conversion is a step in the right direction. | New plastic can better convert solar energy

    Virtual Knee Surgery

    Eye of Science

    Absolutely amazing pictures on this site.

    eye of science

    Monday, January 10, 2005

    SmartPhoneToday: News: At Last, Wi-Fi for Treo

    This may again be one of those things that sounds really cool..but is just heavy. I have a friend with a back up battery sled on his device, and that thing is a tank. His is a year old though, so who knows how far (and light) technology has gotten. Wi-Fi is the way to go though...
    SmartPhoneToday: News: At Last, Wi-Fi for Treo

    There really is nothing more I can add. Just, go get your screen cleaned...

    News From CES - Palm-sized DLP Video Projectors Attract Attention

    I must have one of these! The best part (besides the size advantage) is that the light source is an (maybe multiple) LED!!
    News From CES - Palm-sized DLP Video Projectors Attract Attention

    Firefox flaw raises phishing fears | CNET

    Monday Morning News

  • Here is the weekly M$ critical update posting.. - Critical Windows fix on the way
  • Comcast is now starting to push digital phones. Qwest is going to be mad...
    Comcast plans major Net phone push
  • God bless America
    "The concept may seem odd, but history has proven the adult entertainment industry to be one of the key drivers of any new technology in home entertainment"
    Porn industry mulls next-generation DVD
  • Again, God bless America
    Man auctions ad space on forehead
    Here is the auction
  • WiMAX is still on the way.
    Certified WiMAX Equipment Pushes Into Spotlight
  • This looks promising
  • Sunday, January 09, 2005

    Index of Calvin and Hobbes

    Well, here it is all of Calvin and Hobbes.
    Index of /~ryan/calvin-and-hobbes
    via my sister

    FLash Mind Reader

    My wife figured this one out in about two long will it take you?
    psychic.swf (application/x-shockwave-flash Object)

    Saturday, January 08, 2005

    (((FRIDAY FUNNY)))ish

    I forgot the Friday Funny!!!
    Don't panic...oh god....oh god
    Wait, here is something...
    Oh I hope its funny....
    Please laugh...
    Good Dog



    I want to get an idea of who and how many people check my site out so, I am giving away a gmail account. Here is how it will work
    Comment on this post with some kind of story. Drop me an email with the name that you commented with in the subject line. On Monday evening I will select a winner and email an invitation. If you already have a gmail account...just make a simple comment, like say your favorite post, or what I can do to improve the site.
    Thanks, and good luck


    Friday, January 07, 2005

    Shuttle Europe - Press releases

    I thought I was all cool with my new Aria case...
    Shuttle Europe - Press releases

    Brilliant Button Maker by

    Make a cool button for your site.
    Just like mine!

    Brilliant Button Maker by

    Fun with Google

    Here are a couple of fun little hacks that let you see unprotected webcams
  • Google Search: inurl:"view/index.shtml"
  • Google Search: inurl:"ViewerFrame?Mode="l"
  • The 100 Most Annoying Things of 2004

    This is actually a pretty good lists go
    retroCRUSH: The World's Finest Pop Culture Site


    I think the best thing for you to do this morning is check out gizmodo. Since the Gods did not see fit to send me to CES, this will have to do. We shall se about next year...

    Thursday, January 06, 2005

    Times Square at New Year's Eve

    This may take a while to load, and may make you motion sick, but it will still be worth it!
    QTVR panorama from

    Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware (Beta) Home

    Did anyone see Bill at CES? Now, who want's to run the beta...
    Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware (Beta) Home

    Starbucks Drinks Simplified (kinda)

    Truck of the Future