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Thursday, March 31, 2005

See Through Signage

In the spirit of one-ups-manship, (see the see through monitors here)I offer this:
Tano In Chicago

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I will make it to Burning Man some day, because people like this guy, make things like this, and take them there..

Early Friday Funny

Funny little flash animation for ya'll


Google Battle

Find out which is more popular according to Google searches.

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Woman Sells Her Name On EBay For $15K

"SEYMOUR, Tenn. -- A mother of five put her name up for bid on eBay and got an offer. Terri Iligan, 33, sold her name to Internet site Golden Palace Casino, and she will officially be named once the legal work is complete.

The casino paid $15,199 for the name.

Iligan said she got the idea when she found out how much it would cost to send one of her children, ages 4 to 10, to a golf school Tiger Woods attended.

'To my kids and to my husband, I will always be Terri. My husband is real supportive,' she told WATE-TV in Knoxville. 'He thinks it's funny. As long as they get to call me mom, they don't care.'"

Woman Sells Her Name On EBay For $15K

I'll Be Back

Anyone remeber T2?

Hit a crystalline metal with a hammer and it will bend, absorbing some of the energy of the blow by giving way along grain boundaries. But the atoms in an amorphous metal are tightly packed, and easily bounce back to their original shape after a blow (see Diagram). These materials lack bulky crystalline grains, so they can be shaped into features just 10 nanometres across. And their liquid-like structure means they melt at lower temperatures, and can be moulded nearly as easily as plastics.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

1.1 million frames per second

What do you get with a camera that can shoot at 1.1 million frames per second? Really, really cool images. Be sure to check out the mpeg versions for full appreciation. Page is in Japanese
HyperVision HPV-1

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Taking the portable out of portable gaming

Now you can hook your Gameboy up to your tv...
Gadget Madness

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Skateboard Headlights

What more need I say?

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[delicious-discuss] big news gets funding, and the site creator will be working on the site full time now! Expect to see great things!

[delicious-discuss] big news

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Sorry about the low amount of posts today, blogger was having issues, and I barely got these two up. There will be more tomorrow!


Measures 0.75 x 0.75 x 1.4 inches, which is slightly larger than a RJ-45 ethernet jack. Contains a 32-bit ARM7TDMI core supporting clock rates of 36, 46, or 55MHz, up to 8MB of RAM, and requires 3.3V of DC power, drawing 250mA. Say hello to my little friend


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And the winner is...

I personally found Sprint to be a nightmare..guess I had it easy
Cingular tops in customer complaints

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Monday, March 28, 2005


Ever wonder what happened to: Eddie The Eagle? The chick who shot Andy Warhol? That 'Mikey' kid from the Life Cereal commercial? The Online Compendium of 'What Ever Happened To' and 'Where Are They Now?

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Don't you hate it when your website floods..

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This phone is stolen

This is a very clever little app that send an SMS message to a you when a new SIM is put in your phone. The message contains the phone number of the new SIM. It also let the new user know that the phone is stolen.
This phone is stolen | The Register

Monday Morning News

  • Sony Ordered To Halt PlayStation Sales In U.S.

    Immersion, a California-based developer of digital touch technologies, claimed Sony Computer Entertainment infringed on its technology that makes a game controller vibrate in sync with actions in games, the Japanese game maker said.

  • More bad news for the PSP
    Sony PSP Screen Issues Anger Users
  • BBC NEWS | Technology | Rolling out next generation's net
  • Windows XP Professional Edition N is the new name for the mediaplayer(less) European version of windows
    Microsoft, EU Agree On New Windows Name
  • Microsoft Releases 'Indigo' Preview
  • I wish I owned NTP
    RIM Settlement Doesn't End NTP's Patent Battles
  • Friday, March 25, 2005

    (((FRIDAY FUNNY)))


    Is a two legged octopus still an octopus? I will let you decide...


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    Linux Jukebox

    How to turn your old PC into a Linux, networked jukebox

    O'Reilly: Resurrect Your Old PC for Music--with Linux


    Before you scoff at the picture (like I did), read this:

    Strange as it may seem, only seven times has someone ever managed to successfully image the solar analemma as a multi-exposure on a single piece of film. For those not familiar with the term, an analemma is the figure "8" loop that results when one observes the position of the sun at the same time during the day over the course of a year. Due to the earth's tilt about its axis (23.45°) and its elliptical orbit about the sun, the location of the sun is not constant from day to day when observed at the same time on each day over the course of a full year. Furthermore, this loop will be inclined at different angles depending on one's geographical latitude.


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    Best Simpson's couch intro ever.

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    Phlat Ball

    I sent off an email checking on availability and shipping to the US. I don't know why I am excited about this, but I am. You push the ends together, to flatten it out, and throw it like a frisbee. Mid-flight it pops back into a ball.

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    Yeah, that's right a damn tri-pod for your cellphone..

    And just in case you were not clear on the possible benefits, they lay it our for you

    Mini Mac -again...

    I don't know how far you've gotten in installing your mini-mac into your car, but if you are almost done, I have a useful piece of software for you. A custom touchscreen app, that allows you to control your mini without a mouse

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    Thursday, March 24, 2005

    Look What I Can Do!

    Yep, keys are just too tricky, and this guy has a friend that is a doctor. Put the two together, and you end up with a guy with an RFID tag in his hand, which allows him to open is car door. See below for the interview and See above for the flickr photoset.

    Beach Circles

    Quick film of the timelapsed creation of a 'crop circle' on the beach..absolutely stunning!

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    K O K O G I A K

    I will let the page speak for itself, but this is an interesting project.

    So, I threw together a mini-page activated by a bookmarlet Called delicious linkbacks. Add the bookmarklet to your browser, then you can get a look at what users are saying about (or at least how they are tagging) nearly any web page with one click.

    K O K O G I A K

    Hey, what happened to my screen?

    To jump on the latest bandwagon, take a picture(s) of behind your monitor, and make it the desktop.

    Wednesday, March 23, 2005

    No Signature Required

    The last section on 'not authorized' is the best part!

    Hackers Tilt PowerBook for Tricks

    Very good read on a little experiment done by an IBM guy, on a Powerbook using OS X

    ..controlling what's playing in iTunes -- rock the machine backward to go to the next track, forward to play the previous one.

    Wired News: Hackers Tilt PowerBook for Tricks

    ASCII Generator

    Mostly dumb, but entertaining...
    ASCII Generator

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    How to install Linux on a badger

    I don't know which is worse, the fact that this site exists, or that I am spreading it around...

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    Build with Pennies

    All I can say is wow

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    Ape vs. Tiger

    I don't really know what to make of this is pretty amazing stuff though.

    Ape vs. Tiger



    It's like Blue Man Group, but not...
    Pretty cool!

    Vonage Update

    Looks like Vonage maybe running into some serious issues. I am curious why no one has brought up the concern that if the power goes out, so does your phone...

    Texas Sues Vonage After Crime Victim Unable to Call 911

    security though obscurity

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    Tuesday, March 22, 2005

    Ask Yahoo! > Reference > Words & Wordplay

    Got an odd question?

  • What does the "G" in G-string stand for?
  • What does the "Q" in Q-tip stand for?
  • Where did the term "polka dots" come from?
  • Why does the letter "K" stand for a strikeout in baseball?

  • Ask Yahoo! > Reference > Words & Wordplay

    Kill a Computer

    Is your computer upsetting you? Do you just like guns and violence? Well, do I have a site for you.

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    Defend Your Stronghold

    Give a wag instead of a wave

    Did someone just let you into their lane, and while you are feeling very grateful, you are driving a stick, drinking coffee, and talking on your cell phone; no free hand to wave a thanks. Well, worry no more, just hit the remote button, and that clever little tail you popped on the back of your car will start waggin' and letting everyone know just how happy, and grateful you are!
    Doggy Thanks


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    Samurai Sword vs. Bullet

    Guess which one wins

    Getting a party started

    How to make a sideways room

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    Monday, March 21, 2005

    Water vs. Coke

    New anti-smoking drugs promising

    I have nothing against a "cure for smoking", but is what this country needs is another pharmaceutical for us to be on? - New anti-smoking drugs promising

    Zero Emmission Cargo Ship

    The ship uses a combination of Solar and Fuel Cell technologies and is due out in 2025.
    Wallenius Wilhelmsen

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    Monday Morning News

    Friday, March 18, 2005

    Bike Tree

    Innovative, clever, but it looks awfully expensive. It would be nice to have your bike safely out of reach though. The system is solar powered, wireless, can use smart cards for security, and has video monitoring.

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    13 things that do not make sense

    This is a great list of things that are keeping humans in their place.

    New Scientist 13 things that do not make sense - Features

    Killer Quiz

    Can you tell the difference between a computer programming language inventor and a serial killer?
    Killer Quiz

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    Thursday, March 17, 2005


    Simple but fun...

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    For those of you with kids, and are wondering what the hell they are instant messenging to each other. Or for those of us who are a little behind the curve. I offer this:

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    Split personality

    Can't decide if you want a standard laptop, or a tablet pc? Don't want to compromise by getting one of the combo models that barely accomplishes either form-factor?
    Say hello
    Tech Digest

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    They're back....

    Hey...What happened to the pictures??

    Well, I have taken a bold, and hopefully not too foolish step of switch hosts for
    What does that have to do with the pictures?
    Well, all the images were being hosted on, and I have not yet transfered them to the new server.
    When are you going to get around to doing that?
    If everything goes smoothly (fingers crossed), they should be back up tomorrow.
    What do I get if they are not
    My apologies, and maybe some sort of give-away contest...who knows, after spending last night tearing my hair out trying to figure all this out, I don't know how much more I will be up for.


    Wednesday, March 16, 2005

    ASCII News

    Either Beck has gone nerdy, or ASCII has gone cool. You decide...

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    The Chalkboard

    If you are a Simpson's fan, you will appreciate this. If not, keep on movin'. Here is a list of all the saying written on the chalkboard, by season. Too bad it only goes to season 11...
    Quick sample:

  • It's potato, not potatoe
  • I will not trade pants with others
  • I am not a 32 year old woman
  • I will not do that thing with my tongue

  • Everything written on the chalkboard

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    Googlenews Aggregator

    Click refresh, on the bottom left, and it visually aggregates news clips from Googlenews, and color codes them by subject. You can then click on a headline to read the story.

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    How much is that baby in the window?

    This one is definately going to be filed under creepy.

    Robotic dolls that behave like babies addicted to drugs and alcohol are being used to teach teenagers on Teesside the dangers of drink and drugs....The teenagers beg quite often but the dolls can't be turned off.

    BBC News

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    Tuesday, March 15, 2005

    there are more..

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    Building in a Bag

    What do you get when you impregnate cloth with cement, and wrap it around a huge inflatable pillow? - A building in a bag!
    Need a Building? Just Add Water

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    I now fully on the bandwangon, and I am not sure how I survived with out it before. J Blog has furnished me with the last piece to make my conversion. HTML upload of your current bookmarks to, with tags! Very simple, very quick, very easy. If you like (as I do) kick down a couple of bucks


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    Domino Artwork

    No, this isn't the knock down kind. Using the positive and negative of the black on white numbers, you end up witha very creative art project. They provide you with the plans to recreate them yourself...if you have the time.
    Domino Art

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    SD Chart

    11mm x 15mm x 1mm

    Say it with me: "Micro micro micro"..."512Mb of flash memory in a space smaller than my thumbnail"


    Turn your laptop into a spare monitor. Yes ladies and gentlemen, it's true! Maxivista creates a virtual video card on your laptop, and fools Windows into thinking that there is another monitor out there. It I had a need for a triple setup, I would be all over this.

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    Monday, March 14, 2005

    NYC Peach

    Custom site that will 'decorate' your tech hardware.
    You know you have too much money when this appeals to you..

    NYC Peach

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    ACM Ubiquity - A Concise Guide to the Major Internet Bodies

    The internet may seem like a chaotic group of computers, hooked together by a couple of protocols, and for the most part it is. But there are some major players out there, and here they are.

    ACM Ubiquity - A Concise Guide to the Major Internet Bodies

    Geek Tattoos

    What more need I say...
    Geek Tattoos

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    Who wants to go in with me?

    We could work out some, month on month off deal, or maybe 8 acres is enough to share? Anyway, I have about $40, so I am only $3,499,960 short. Maybe I need a fundraiser...
    World of Private Islands

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    Web Reference

    Need a web reference sheet for your next project..or test. Here ya go!

    deepX - Data Engineering and Electronic Publishing with XML Technologies

    Bluetooth Sniping

    Bluetooth sniping, or how to get yourself shot by the police. The concept is interesting though. We all (should) know that bluetooth divices can easily by hijacked, but this gentleman has greatly extened the range and scope (pun intended).

    tom's networking

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    I had an app like this for my palm, which was a fun (and practical) thing to have. Since I am on the road to ditching my palm, this will come in very handy!

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    Web of Letters

    This is a cool little app, that translates your typed letters, into image letters? huh? Well look at the image above and you'll get it, or try it for yourself.

    Web of Letters

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    Monday Morning News

  • 2005 - The year of Bio-Diesel
    Wired News: Biodiesel Boosters Plan Co-Ops
  • I suppose this is a good first step, early warning. But I can't imagine how much good it will do with our a cure
    Test for Alzheimer's Disease gets closer
  • Type 1 Diabetes CURED Using ISLET Transplantation
    King’s College Hospital
  • This is a pretty aggressive article title for a Scientific American
    15 Answers to Creationist Nonsense
  • Manually Trigger a BSOD, you know, just in case...
    The Naked Geek
  • A statistical calculation of world facts. The calculations are based on your computer's time, so to see the future/past, simply change the time on your computer.
  • Friday, March 11, 2005


    This is a Firefox extention. Install it, restart FF, and set your starting phone number. Then when you see a phone number on a webpage, highlight it, right click, and bam...directions!

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    Flat ethernet

    Such much for the twisted pair theory. This is a must have for me. It will make wiring the house much, much easier. The links are to a translated from Japanese page.

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    A game designed to use both sides of your brain at once, seemingly to see which one will explode first.


    You know....

    If the world didn't suck, We'd all fall off.

    BMW R71 w/Sidecar

    The Garden State Motorcycle can be yours.

    Boston Vintage Sidecar