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Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Well, phase one has been completed, and the blog has successfully been transported to my site. It still needs a great deal of template work, but you can check it out if you'd like:

Two quick things. The reason that I am moving from blogger is multi-facited, but breaks down to two main reasons. First, I like have complete control over the blog, and not being at the mercy of a free service. Second, I have been having some trouble with being able post consistently lately. Having said that, let me please also add that blogger has been great to me, and I will continue to recommend it to those who want to start blogging.
Lastly, I want to give a hugh thanks to Skeltoac at wordpress support forum. I could not have made the transition with out him.

Please continue to check in, I will make a formal post when the transition is final, and I will no longer be posting at blogger. If you have any question or comments, please feel free.

Thanks for looking, and I hope to see you at