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Monday, April 04, 2005

Monday Morning News

M$ News

  • "A new set of highly critical flaws has been discovered in Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Outlook programs, according to research company eEye Digital Security...they can become infected by just surfing across a banner ad..."
  • "If your Messenger displays a roast chicken with a bikini, your PC has been infected by the new Bropia.E and Gaobot.CTX worms."
  • "Only 24 percent of the 136,000 Windows XP PCs in 251 North American companies have upgraded to Service Pack 2"
  • Windows 2003 SP1 released

  • The rest of the news
  • Bad news for Wordpress, who's Google rank is now at 0/10
    Wordpress stuns supporters with unexpected fund raising practices
  • Go Google!
    Google plans to double Gmail capacity--at least
  • Britain hits 5 million broadband users
  • Need a job?
    Gizmodo Hiring an editor
  • The guy who brought us the X-Prize for space flight is now offering a prize for nano-technology.
    Fast Company
  • "Sharp Electronics was producing laptops with screens that could display a three-dimensional image"